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Olivo cooling plate

Product Code: TH201818abb

Refrigerated units are insulated units without mechanical refrigeration. Eutectic refrigeration allows the required temperature to be maintained 24 hours and more for chilled products as well as for frozen.

The eutectic plate releases a constant cooling capacity due to the latent melting heat from the eutectic mixture.
Placed in the top part of the container, the eutectic plate releases the cooling capacity previously accumulated in the cold room during the freezing process.

To ensure the maximum efficiency from eutectic plate, the eutectic liquid must be completly solidified.
The freezing temperature must be at least 5°C less than the melting temperature of the eutectic fluid.
Depending on the type of refrigeration unit used, the freezing time may be from 6 to 24 hours.

Seven eutectic solutions ensure maintenance of the requested temperature
For chilled or frozen products.