Logistics and storage professional!

We operate with over 8 years of experience in both domestic and EU markets. Finstorage has its own imports, so the practices and rules of the game are part of our daily routine.

We import plastic and metal products, but also domestic products can be found in our assortment. Our partners are Cargopak Ltd, Auer-Packaging, TOFO Traiding, Promens, Smartflow, Olivo and so on.

Our strength is customer-driven business: When our customer needs a logistics / storaging product for their operations, we will design the right solution for them! We follow the manufacturing process from start to finish to ensure that the customer always gets the product that is planned and of high quality.

Our references are Finnish wholesalers such as Heinon Tukku, Tokmanni, Patu wholesalers, Fida International, Kaukokiito, Valio and from abroad for example Maxima store chain operating in the Baltics.

Our office is located in Seinäjoki, our warehouse in Kuusikontie 2, 62100 Lapua.

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